Food & Nutrition Services

Food Vouchers
Clients with household incomes at or below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines may be eligible for monthly or bi-monthly food vouchers redeemable at numerous local grocery stores.

Nutritional Supplements
Supplements are provided for low-income clients who are nutritionally compromised. Supplements must be recommended by HELP’s dietitian or another health care provider in accordance with eligibility criteria.

Nutritional Counseling
Services are provided by a registered dietitian who assesses the client’s current nutritional status including weight, BMI, diet, and eating habits. HELP’s dietitian works with the client to develop a plan for managing or improving nutrition over time.

HELP also offers workshops on a host of nutrition related topics. For example cooking classes focus on preparing healthy and tasty meals on a budget.

For more information, please call 313-832-3300 and ask to speak to a Food and Nutrition Specialist.